Our Quality

Our Quality

Enhancing Human Value

The most important aspect on the frontline of medical care is integrity and strong moral value.
SSI’s value lies not only in its knowledge and capabilities, but also in its moral standings.

As part of professional development, SSI offers its employees with skill-based training programs.

Training Road Map

Training Road Map

● Overview of Introductory/OJT/Follow-up training Programs

Training Type Target Length Timing Training Content
New employee training New graduates 2 months April-May annually Laws and regulations e.g. GCP, basics of clinical pharmacology, SMO services, and CRC/SMA services (Lectures, role-playing)
Mid-career 2 weeks Month of joining (even months)
OJT New graduates 6 months After being assigned to an office Practical training conducted at assigned office
Mid-career 3 months
Follow-up training New graduates 2.5 days 6 months after being assigned Review and organize training information

After three years on the job, employees undertake in ‘Third-year Training’ to further one’s personal and professional growth.

● Position Training:

Provide training based on level of position, e.g., associate level, management level and executive management level training.

● Specialty training:

1)Departmental & External Workshop/Training:
Workshops are conducted at various office locations to advance employees skills and expertise.
External training/academic seminars are subsidized to provide employees the opportunities to learn the latest medical research.

2)Disease training:
Two-hour lectures on therapeutic areas based on expected clinical trial demand, or requested from the Training Department/employees.

3)Cancer training:
Training are conducted on various cancer types in collaboration with CMIC to ensure that employees will be able to handle increasing number of oncology studies. (Three times annually)

4)We also conduct other workshops as needed on the latest treatments and medical research.

Employees independently study their area of expertise through e-learning modules and DVDs.

In addition to knowledge development, we place great focus on enhancing ethical development.

SSI has established a unique Human Resource Development/Compliance Division as part of our commitment to fostering corporate compliance. Through the integration of human resource and compliance education, employees are taught how to detect and resolve potential compliance risks. This involves employees undertaking in ethics training, as well as reviewing ‘GCP Letters’ ( to improve their moral standings.

● Ethics training

1)Case Studies and latest information are utilized to discuss on ethics related to clinical research with external experts (two-hour class held monthly, year-round).

2) CMIC Group compliance training is held annually.

Status of CRC/SMA certification

Status of CRC/SMA certification